Car Accidents

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Anyone who has been involved in a car accident knows that it is one of the most distressingexperiences to go through. The accident itself can be traumatic but dealing with the aftermath isoften times the most difficult part. Compensation through legal representation can provide the relief that you require in order to bring peace of mind and normalcy back to your life.

Accident Benefits

Any person who is injured in a motor vehicle is entitled to these benefits, including the driver, passenger, or pedestrian. The compensation that you could receive is intended to cover the following: Lost income Rehab and medical expenses Housekeeping and attendant care expenses Caregiver expenses Non-earner or student benefits Tort

car accident in Ontario

If you are injured in a car accident in Ontario, there are two ways to be compensated for the injuries that you suffered: The first is through an Accident Benefit claim, which is also called a “no fault claim”. The reason why it is called a “no fault claim” is because you will be eligible to apply for these benefits regardless of whether you were at fault or the accident can be attributed to the fault of another person. This benefit is provided through your own automobile insurance company. The second way to be compensated is through a Tort claim, which s commonly known as a lawsuit. This method of compensation typically comes from the insurance company of the other party and will usually require some sort of negligence or carelessness on their part. Below is additional information regarding these two options:

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Car Accidents
Car Accidents
Car Accidents

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If you are injured and have been negatively affected by the injury as a result, and if the there is another party in the accident who is at fault, you can claim compensation from their insurance company. The compensation that you could receive is intended to cover the following: Loss of past and future income Pain and suffering Housekeeping ability Loss of enjoyment of life Loss of competitive advantage in the workplace These two methods of receiving compensation are complicated and require a great deal of time, as insurance companies will fight tooth and nail to ensure that they achieve the lowest settlement amount possible. Rest assured, we can help ensure that you receive fair and full compensation. Motor Vehicle Accidents Expected To Rise in 2021

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Accident lawyer in Toronto

Unfortunately, car accidents are one of the most common hazards that Ontarians are faced with. In 2020, there were 10,617912 licensed drivers and 9,795,303 registered vehicles on Ontario roads. That year alone, Ontario recorded 23,689 fatal or personal injury collisions. This number is significantly less than the previous year because of the covid-19 lockdowns, as the number of recorded fatal or personal injury collisions in 2019 was 34,130 – which is 44% more. As lockdown regulations ease and the general population begins to return to the road, the number of accidents are expected to increase. In anticipation of this increase, drivers should take extra care as the roads gradually begin to fill up once again. If you or a loved one is involved in a car accident, legal representation is the safest way to ensure that you receive fair and full compensation. If you are this area you can call us : Richmond Hill Thornhill North York Toronto Ontario GTA

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